Modern Vision provides cutting edge vertical solutions for Farm management, Packhouse Management, Quality Control, and Quality Management Systems (QMS). The solutions are available in an easy to install and maintain web interface that can be installed on client servers.

  • Modern Farm Suite Farm Management ERP

    Rapidly improve farm profit, traceability, quality and yield with Modern Farm Suite's comprehensive farm management solutions for fruit, vegetable, hop, coffee, herb, and other fresh produce agribusiness. Modern Farm Suite is easy to implement, with comprehensive training and support options available internationally, in multiple languages.

    Plan, control, capture and monitor: employee & team tasks, budgets, costs, inventory, labor, land, traceability, and enforce best practices.

    Benefits: Increased farm profit, Easy and accurate traceability, Enhanced employee accountability, Reduce shrinkage, waste, loss, theft

    Easier planning & management

    Higher staff performance from better monitoring

    Financial risk reduction from potential crop ecalls Modern Farm Suite Farm ERP Features:Budgeting, KPI Reporing, Activity Planning & Monitoring, Inventory Management, Farm Task Management, Cost Reporting, Farm Traceability & Recalls, Purchase Order & Stock Take, Land Management, Integration with Financial Packages, GlobalGAP, CanadaGAP, EuroGAP, BRC, FarmSure, FarmSafe, Access from anywhere in the world via iPad, Android, PC, cloud or local install options, and more).....

  • Modern Packhouse Management

    Modern Farm Processor/Packhouse delivers software to improve profit, quality, and traceability for packers and processors of fruit, vegetable, hop, coffee, and other fresh produce. Modern Packhouse manages the entire packing operation from before the delivery of produce, to post sales analysis, traceability, and KPI reporting.

    Benefits: Reduce packhouse costs
    Increase packed product quality
    Eliminate loss and waste from packing and storage processes
    Enforce quality management systems
    Improve customer service, Reduce risk exposure in the event of product recall, Better management decisions from advanced reporting & monitoring

    Packhouse Management Features: Inventory Management, (both fresh produce and packing/processing materials), Label Printing ( PTI and more), Traceability and Recall Management, Quality Control & Quality Management System enforcement, Purchase Order, Sales Order, Invoicing & Dispatch Documentation, Dispatch Management, Barcode Inventory, Chain store standards supported: Tesco, Walmart, Woolworths, Coles, Costco, Loblaw, Metro, Safeway, Aldi, Marks & Spencer; and more. Advanced Food Safety Management, Access from anywhere in the world via iPad, Android, PC, cloud or local install options, and more).....


Quality Control

Modern Farm Suite provides cutting edge management of quality control, guiding employees to take the correct actions and apply correct grades and classes to fresh produce. Modern Farm Quality Control can force produce to be “placed on hold” and automatically alert senior quality officers that a further inspection needs to be made. During the additional inspection, the quality officer can reassign the class and grade, product features, storage location, and make the produce available for packing or sales.